Smelly Cat Coffee: fueled by coffee, nurtured by community

Smelly Cat’s beginning, evolution & success belongs to more than one. In 1999, the quirky name & hip design began with Richard and Dwight. These two frontrunners transformed a little brick building in the middle of a Charlotte mill neighborhood into The Smelly Cat Coffeehouse. Next came community minded business woman, Jolly Dale. She knit together a loyal base of customers that last to this day. On July 1, 2006, Jolly turned the keys over to the current owner, Cathy Tuman. Armed with a solid base of style, name to remember, and community support, Smelly Cat’s pursuit for quality coffee for its loyal customers began.

August 2012 marked the new era of fresh coffee for Smelly Cat with the installation of our Probat L12 vintage coffee roaster. From that day forward we haven’t stopped being amazed by the unique character development of coffee depending on its origin or blend.
The method of sharing those unique characteristics is fun in its own right ranging from manual drip – Hario Pour Overs to cold brew coffee on nitrogen.

Join us.

Come watch the roasting, experience the extraction, sip the perfection.