Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

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This Ethiopian coffee will leave you daydreaming about blueberries; mixed berry jam and a little bit of chocolate


Origin: Ethiopia
Region: Yirgacheffe
Farm: Forests owned by various small-holding farmers
Variety: Heirloom
Altitude: 2100-2300 masl
Proc. Method: Natural
Grade: 1 (scores 91-100, one of our highest scoring and best seller)
Tasty Bean Facts:

These beans are handpicked and hand-sorted in indigenous, local forests

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions N/A


1 review for Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

  1. I bought these beans on a whim while I was getting coffee at Smelly Cat. There wasn’t a description on the bag, but I went for it having good experiences with other Ethiopian coffees. I was not disappointed. When you open the bag, you get the distinct coffee aroma, but also a sweet smell of blueberries. The blueberry aroma comes through slightly when brewed, but I could not detect it in the flavor. The flavor itself is smooth and nutty. I’ll be getting this one again.

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